Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bacon Asparagus

Really simple recipe that is so very delicious.  My 5-year-old picked out some asparagus to have as a side so I whipped out my nitrate/nitrite free bacon, cut up about 5 slices and threw them in my non-stick pan (one with a lid). 

This is a paleo & clean eating option.

Bacon Asparagus

1 package of wrapped up asparagus, washed
5 slices bacon (I use Hormel Uncured Bacon - found at SuperTarget)

Take about 5 slices of bacon out of the package and cut into chunks.  Put them in your non-stick skillet (preferably with a lid) and cook on one side, flip over after cooking a few minutes then add asparagus.  Continue to mix them around in the pan until the asparagus is cooked through and the bacon has crisped to your liking.  Enjoy!!

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